The books I own.


AristotleThe Metaphysicstr. Lawson-Tancred0140446197
AristotleNicomachean Ethicstr. Peters0760752364
AureliusMeditationstr. Hammond0140449334
EpictetusDiscoursestr. HigginsonPre-ISBN
NietzscheThus Spoke Zarathustratr. Hollingdale0140441185
PlatoThe Last Days of Socratestr. Tredennick & Tarrant0140445824
PlatoRepublictr. Waterfield0192833709
RussellA History of Western Philosophy-0671201586


AustenPride and Prejudice-0895771988
BradburyFahrenheit 451-0345342966
Cicero et al.The Portable Roman Readered. Davenport0140150568
HosseiniThe Kite Runner-1594631931
LeeTo Kill a Mockingbird-0446310789
MárquezChronicle of a Death Foretoldtr. Rabassa1400034710
MattheeFiela’s Child-0226510835
SüskindPerfumetr. Woods0375725845
TolkienThe Hobbit-0345339683
TolkienThe Lord of the Rings-0544003415
TwainThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer-1593081393
VerneSeven Novels-1435122956


BradburyThe Martian Chronicles-1451678192
CardEnder’s Game-0765337542
GlukhovskyMetro 2033tr. Randall1407244082
LiuThe Three-Body Problemtr. Liu0765382030
LiuThe Dark Foresttr. Martinsen0765386694
LiuDeath’s Endtr. Liu0765386632


Fugard“Master Harold”…and the boys-0307475206
ShakespeareThe Portable Shakespeare-0140150087
StoppardRosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead-LCCN: 6730108
WildeThe Importance of Being Earnest-1593080594
WilliamsA Streetcar Named Desire-0811207652


BeardSPQR: A History of Ancient Rome-0871404237
BoorstinThe Discoverers-0394726250
Brent & NaumovStalin’s Last Crime-0060195243
DaviesEurope: A History-0060974688
DougherySmall Arms: Visual Encyclopedia-1435139343
DouglasThe Secret Horsepower Race-1911658504
DouglassNarrative of the Life of Frederick Douglassed. Blight0312075316
Fullenkamp, Bowman, & LuvaasGuide to the Vicksburg Campaign-0700609239
Ford & ZalogaOverlord: The D-Day Landings-1846034244
GibbonThe History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empireed. RadiceNo ISBN
GibbonThe History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire: Abriged Editioned. Womersley0140437645
HerodotusThe Historiestr. de Sélincourt0140449082
LivyA History of Rometr. Hadas & PoeLCCN: 629689
McNabMilitary Uniforms: Visual Encyclopedia-1908273024
RutterWreaking Havoc: A Year in an A-20-1603447379
SuetoniusThe Twelve Caesarstr. Graves0140455168
Zamoyski1812: Napoleon’s Fatal March on Moscow-0007123742


Comeau & LaFleurWorkbook for Wheelock’s Latin3rd Ed., Rev.0060956424
LaFleurScribblers, Sculptors, and Scribes: A Companion to Wheelock’s Latin and Other Introductory Textbooks-0061259180
Moreland & FleischerLatin: An Intensive Course-0520031838
NeumannLingua Latina: A Companion to Familia Romana2nd Ed.1585108091
ØrbergLingua Latina per se Illustrata: Colloquia Personarum2nd Ed.1585109388
ØrbergLingua Latina per se Illustrata: Pars I - Exercitia Latina I-1585102129
ØrbergLingua Latina per se Illustrata: Pars I - Familia Romana-1585104208
ØrbergLingua Latina per se Illustrata: Pars I - Grammatica Latina-1585102235
ØrbergLingua Latina per se Illustrata: Pars I - Latine Disco-1585100507
OwensLingua Latina per se Illustrata: Pars I - Glossarium-1585106936
Wheelock & LaFleurWheelock’s Latin7th Ed.0061997228
Wheelock & LaFleurWheelock’s Latin Reader: Selections from Latin Literature2nd Ed.0060935061

General Science

Armstrong, Collins, & AldrinFirst on the Moon-0316051606
CecilTextbook of Medicine7th Ed.Pre-ISBN
DarwinThe Origin of Species-0140432053
HawkingA Brief History of Time-0553053401
MetzNorthrop YF-23 ATF-0989258371
Munroewhat if?-0544272996
NASALunar Photographs from Apollos 8, 10, and 11-LCCN: 75608546
Rich & JanosSkunk Works-0751515039
RhodesThe Making of the Atomic Bomb-0671657192
SmithWe Came in Peace-1112997389
WolfeThe Right Stuff-0312427566
WoodsNASA Saturn V Owners’ Workshop Manual-0857338280


Abbott & von DoenhoffTheory of Wing Sections-0486605869
AndersonIntroduction to Flight8th Ed.1307493078
AndersonHypersonic and High-Temperature Gas Dynamics3rd Ed.1624105142
AndersonModern Compressible Flow: With Historical Perspective3rd Ed.0072424430
AskelandThe Science and Engineering of Materials-0534029579
Bate, Meuller, White, & SaylorFundamentals of Astrodynamics2nd Ed.0486497044
Becker, Carey, & OdenFinite Elements: An IntroductionVol. 10133170573
Bedford & LiechtiMechanics of Materials2nd Ed.3030220815
CarrHow to Design and Build Electronic Instrumentation2nd Ed.0830695607
ChildsTurbomachinery Rotordynamics with Case Studies-0615852720
Cochin & PlassAnalysis and Design of Dynamic Systems2nd Ed.0060413149
CogdellFoundations of Electrical Engineering-0133295252
Gere & TimoshenkoMechanics of Materials2nd Ed.0534030995
HornBasic Electronics Theory: With Projects and Experiments2nd Ed.0830607754
HurtAerodynamics for Naval Aviators-1492948209
Incropera & DeWittFundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer3rd Ed.0471612469
InmanEngineering Vibration-0135185315
James, Smith, & WolfordApplied Numerical Methods for Digital Computation3rd Ed.0060432812
JohnGas Dynamics2nd Ed.0205080144
JohnsonHelicopter Theory-0486682303
LeishmanPrinciples of Helicopter Aerodynamics2nd Ed.1107013353
LoftinQuest for Performance: The Evolution of Modern Aircraft-1503105027
McKerrowIntroduction to Robotics-0201182408
Moran & ShapiroFundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics2nd Ed.0471571179
MorleyThe Linear IC Handbook-0830604722
MorrisonDiesel Engineering Handbook7th Ed.Pre-ISBN
Munson, Young, & OkiishiFundamentals of Fluid Mechanics-0471855262
ProutyHelicopter Performance, Stability, and Control-1575242095
ReddyAn Introduction to the Finite Element Method2nd Ed.0070513556
Schaub & JunkinsAnalytical Mechanics of Space Systems4th Ed.1624105210
Shigley & MischkeMechanical Engineering Design5th Ed.0070568990
SpurkFluid Mechanics-3540616511
SpurkFluid Mechanics: Problems and Solutions-3540616528
SteidelAn Introduction to Mechanical Vibrations3rd Ed.0471845454
Sutton & BiblarzRocket Propulsion Elements9th Ed.1118753651
VanceRotordynamics of Turbomachinery-0471802587
WarringUnderstanding Electronics2nd Ed.0830602537
Wylen & SonntagFundamentals of Classical Thermodynamics3rd Ed.0471861737


Feynman, Leighton, & SandsThe Feynman Lectures on Physics: Volume I - Mainly Mechanics, Radiation, and HeatNew Millennium Ed.0465024148
Feynman, Leighton, & SandsThe Feynman Lectures on Physics: Volume II - Mainly Electromagnetism and MatterNew Millennium Ed.0465024162
Feynman, Leighton, & SandsThe Feynman Lectures on Physics: Volume III - Quantum MechanicsNew Millennium Ed.0465024179
Feynman et al.Exercises for the Feynman Lectures on PhysicsNew Millennium Ed.0465060719
FowlesIntroduction to Modern Optics2nd Ed.0486659572
FoxA Student’s Guide to Atomic Physics-1107188730
GriffithsIntroduction to Electrodynamics4th Ed.1108420419
Griffiths & SchroeterIntroduction to Quantum Mechanics3rd Ed.1107189638
Halliday, Resnich, & DerringhPhysics: Part 23rd Ed.0471345299
Halliday, Resnick, & DerringhSelected Solutions for Physics3rd Ed., Rev.0471097129
Harris & BertolucciSymmetry and Spectroscopy-0486661445
HechtOptics4th Ed.0805385663
HerzbergAtomic Spectra and Atomic Structure-0486601151
Hudson & NelsonUniversity Physics-0155929609
McQuarrie & SimonPhysical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach-0935702996
PaulingGeneral Chemistry3rd Ed.0716701484
Sears, Zemansky, & YoungUniversity Physics: Part I6th Ed.0201071962
Sears, Zemansky, & YoungSolutions Guide to Accompany University Physics6th Ed.0201072259
Susskind & HrabovskyClassical Mechanics-0141976228
Susskind & FriedmanQuantum Mechanics-0141977812
Susskind & FriedmanSpecial Relativity and Classical Field Theory-0141985015


Agnew & KnappLinear Algebra with Applications2nd Ed.0534013646
Boyce & DiprimaElementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems3rd Ed.0471093343
Orleans & HartIntermediate Algebra-Pre-ISBN
SpiegelApplied Differential Equations3rd Ed.0130400970

Computer Science

BallWriting an Interpreter in Go-3982016115
BallWriting a Compiler in Go-3982016108
Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, & SteinIntroduction to Algorithms4th Ed.0262046305
Gorelick & OzsvaldHigh Performace Python2nd Ed.1492055020
Kernighan & RitchieThe C Programming Language2nd Ed.0131103627
KiusalaasNumerical Methods in Engineering with Python 3-1107033856
MatthesPython Crash Course2nd Ed.1593279288
RamalhoFluent Python2nd Ed.1492056355
SlatkinEffective Python2nd Ed.0134853987


LeemingCard Tricks Anyone Can Do-Pre-ISBN